Unassembled kits

Singer Featherweight Cabinet Kits

  • You specify the type of wood and machine style (221,222 etc.).
  • Cabinets are rough sanded, you will have to finish sand before assembly and finishing.
  • Cabinets are totally assembled and tested for proper fit then disassembled for shipping.
  • Cabinets will need to be glued, clamped then screwed together for final assembly.
  • All hardware and glue are included with kit.
  • Detailed step by step instructions lead you through proper assembly.

Custom Cabinets and Exotic Woods

Our cabinets are handmade as they are ordered so we can custom build one just for you. You choose the type of wood, finish and type of machine to be used in cabinet.    Pricing is determined by type of wood used and machine options.

Cabinets can be made for a Black 222 machine, Black 221 machine, White 221 machine or any combination of the three.  Cabinets made for a Black 222 and Black 221 have no additional charge.  Cabinets made for a Black machine and White machine will have an extra charge.

Kits or Plans
Want to build a cabinet yourself. We have complete cabinet kits, also step by step plans are available. For more information select “Cabinets Plans & Kits ” tabs above.

Pricing for Standard Cabinet
Finished cabinet : Cost dependent on type of wood.
Unfinished Cabinet : Cost dependent on type of wood.
Cabinet Kit : Cost dependent on type of wood.
Plans : $35.00

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