PegPEG1A couple of years ago my wife came running up to me all excited, saying that I just had to see this NOW! What “this” turned out to be was a Singer Featherweight Sewing Cabinet for sale on Ebay. I heard all about how she just had to have this cabinet. Being the obedient husband that I am, I quickly placed a bid and followed the bidding as it progressed thru the week, making a bid every once and a while to keep eating. On the day of the sell we met at the computer to

GET that cabinet.

Sadly for me the bidding went crazy, it kept going higher and higher. In the end the bidding was well out of our price range and some other lucky husband got out of the doghouse . With a sniffle and a sigh followed by one of those sad puppy eyed looks, she assured me everything was OK and it was not my fault. Though as she left the room I heard the dreaded

“you’ll be having boloney sandwiches for dinner tonight”!

As I was pondering just how I was going to get out of this one. I remembered that she had shown me a website she had recently visited. I jumped onto Featherweight Fanatics and read through some of the messages that were posted. After calculating just how long I could survive on boloney, I thought what the heck, maybe someone that knew all about these little machines might know where I could get a set of plans to make her a cabinet. I sent an email telling of my predicament, and asked if anyone knew of plans to build a cabinet or at least pictures of a cabinet. The next day after work I checked my email and was I ever amazed at the amount of responses that I received. Although no one had heard or seen a set of plans for a cabinet, quite a few sent pictures of their cabinets and locations on the web where I could look at cabinets and learn more about them. One really sweet lady (Peggy Casper) sent me over 20 pictures of her cabinet from all and every angle. Armed with this information I told my wife I would (try) to draw a set of my own plans then build her a cabinet

(I got that Oh sure look and baloney sandwiches for dinner again).

I wrote everyone a thank you note and asked Peggy if she would take a couple of measurements I needed to complete the plans. Peggy and I emailed back and forth as I kept needing another measurement here and there. Boy was I ever shocked when about a week later a package arrived from Peggy for me. Peggy had taken her cabinet apart and traced all the parts that she could on Vellum tracing paper.

Thank You Again Peggy!!

I wish, I could say that I had a cabinet made that week, BUT. Finally after a year of drawing and redrawing then cutting and re-cutting (yes, if it is too short the first time and you re-cut it, it is still too short). I finally completed a set of plans and constructed my first cabinet. Since that time I have made several more corrections to the plans and have constructed several reproductions of the Singers Model 68 Oval sewing cabinet. I have also made a full size set of the plans and written a detailed step by step instruction manual on how to construct the cabinet.

The cabinets are the same dimensions as the originals but are constructed of solid wood, not plywood or veneer. The joints are Mortise and Tenons joints instead of butt joints just glued and screwed to corner supports. The original cabinets did have a metal thread spool holder on the door and metal support brackets to hold the machine at the proper level, my cabinets are made with a wooden spool holder and wooden machine supports.

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